Friday, February 1, 2013

January Reading Recap

Books read and reviewed in January

Anne Gimpel - A Time For Everything (1/5/2013)
Sam Thomas - The Midwife's Tale (1/7/2013)
Wanda E. Brunstetter - Goodbye To Yesterday (1/9/2013)
T.J. Brown - Summerset Abbey (1/12/2013)
Jessica Hart - Hitched! (1/13/2013)
Diann Hunt - Bittersweet Surrender (1/15/2013)
June Kramin - I'll Try To Behave Myself (1/16/2013)
Jeanette Murray - No Mistletoe Required (1/18/2013)
Rosalind James - Just For Now (1/20/2013)
Cassandra Carr - Master Class (1/21/2013) @ Wenches
Tinney Sue Heath - A Thing Done (1/23/2013)
Margaret Lesh - Finding A Man For Sylvia (1/25/2013)
C.J. Ellison - Vanilla On Top (1/27/2013)
Mitch Albom - The Time Keeper) (1/31/2013)

Best Reads Of January
Rather than go over my challenge posts which doesn't seem worthwhile doing, I want to highlight some of the best books I read in the month.

1. Sam Thomas' The Midwife's Tale: This book is the book that all other's have to live up to this year. I don't know if its good when I read something this great early on in the year, it could set the stage for some disappointment later on, but really, this is one fabulous read for fans of hisorical mysteries, great characters, great mystery and a great story!

2. Rosalind James' Just For Now: This is really a sweet read. Yes, there's some pretty hot sex, but as far as romance novels are concerned, this one is close to perfection, especially if you like the more family oriented stories. The characters are real and the relationship is too. It's part of a series, but not one that you have to read in order, as all the books are stand alone reads.

3. Tinney Sue Heath's A Thing Done: - This one started out slow for me, but once it got me it really pulled me in. This was a highly engaging story set in the 1200's in Florence, Italy. Lots of intrigue and emotion.

4. Margaret Lesh's Finding A Man For Sylvia - This one is ROTFLMAO! That's all I can say. Such fun! Hilarious! Just an all around good time. More chick lit then romance, but not even that. This is a book to make you smile.

5. Mitch Albom's The Time Keeper: I know why this book got all the hype, its a real emotional read. Its a bit short, but everything that needs to be said, gets said, and you really connect with the characters. This should be on the list of books you should read before you die.


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