Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: 33 Valentines

Author: Stephanie Monahan
Title: 33 Valentines
Publisher: Entangled Edge
Publish Date: Jan 19, 2013
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Review Copy Provided By: The publisher in exchange for an honest review
Book Blurb: All Sophie wants for her thirty-third year is a calendar without a February—and without a Valentine’s Day. The unlucky month haunts her with regrets, loss, and missteps she can never take back. But this year, she’s determined to make a change— and she’s going to start with telling her best friend, Sam, how she feels about him.

But February isn’t making it easy for her. Sam’s got a date with his dream girl, and Sophie finds herself in the hospital. Then there’s her father, who has a surprise that’s about to turn her world upside-down, and her little brother, who doesn’t seem to have any room for her in his life. While everyone else seems to be living life, Sophie is stuck in neutral.

Now, Sophie must come to terms with everything that’s holding her back in order to fight for what she wants before she loses the chance to turn her luck around.

Review:  You know a book is going to be funny when the opening scene is the heroine in the ER with a broken arm. An arm that she broke while reading an email from a guy she invited to dinner.


And things just don't get better for the poor girl, at least not right away.

I think everyone has a month like Sophie does. Mine is October. If I could skip that month I would.

I loved the characters and their development. Sophie was just so fun even though she was miserable a good portion of the time, what with the guy she was in love with dating a seemingly perfect girl and her arm being in a cast.

And seriously, how could you not hate Ms. Perfect Megan? She just seemed too good to be true.

She does a lot of growing up in the month of February and I liked that.

This wasn't your typical romance or your typical chicklit. It was fun and funny, a little bit like Jennifer Cruise's books.

I can't wait to read more from Stephanie. I zipped through this book in a day. It is definitely one of the best books I've read in a long time from this genre.

Rating: 5 flowers


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