Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book Excerpt: Laura Kreitzer - Forsaken Harbor

Today, Laura Kreitzer author of the Timeless Series and Summer Chronicles has given me the chance to share an except of Forsaken Harbor with you. Forsaken Harbor is Book 2 in the Summer Chronicles series. I hope you enjoy it!

Forsaken Harbor:

The sun rises above the water, sparkling and reflecting back its luminous life. The dilapidated city on the coast burns with the red and orange of its rays. Long, fingerlike shadows crawl across the ground, hungrily grabbing at the grass that has broken through the pavement. Rusted boats bob in the harbor—lifeless. Besides a screen door creaking as it swings back and forth in the wind, the city is silent. A breeze rustles through the weeds, and dandelion seeds float through the air in ghostly wisps. Gage peeks from behind a door—watching. Waiting.

The silence is broken by laughter. Two boys and a girl skip across the haunted grounds with smiles stretching their dirty faces. They’re Forsaken, Gage realizes with a chill running up his spine. The girl in her red shirt carries a bucket, swinging it back and forth, while the two boys fight each other with sticks, using them like swords. There’s amusement and joy on their faces, which surprises Gage. This city is known to be off limits. Out of bounds to those in the Canadian Federation. Though no one wants to come here anyway; rumors of plagues, death, and murderers run rampant fill the news. The media constantly uses this place as an example of what happens when people protest and fight against the Federation. But they look happy. Is it possible?

Gage carefully closes the door and turns toward Summer. She’s gained a few pounds, and her cheeks have filled with blushing vivacity. Her voice is still absent most of the time, though she’s made some breakthroughs since fleeing the Secret Clock Society’s headquarters. She sits on an old mattress with her arms twined and stuck between her legs. Lucy gently brushes Summer’s long, golden hair in soothing strokes.

“I’ve only seen children,” says Gage. He frowns, lines etching into his face as he grows grave. “I can’t imagine them living here by themselves.”

Behind Summer, Cameron shakes her head. “I doubt there are only children here. I hope you know what you’re doing. This is incredibly dangerous.”
“I know.” He leans against the door and rubs his eyes. He’s barely slept in three days, and his eyes burn. He’s so in love with Summer he can hardly sleep knowing there’s a threat against her life. There is nowhere else to hide—no one else to turn to. The screen door down the street echoes eerily as the kids’ laughter fades. This is the Forsaken Harbor: their new home. Now they’re one of the Forsaken.

Forsaken Harbor will be available on July 1, 2011

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