Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review: Not Just The Nanny

Not Just the Nanny
Author: Christie Ridgway
Title: Not Just The Nanny
Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition
Publish Date: Oct 2010
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Book Blurb: She'd been nanny to his children forever— and she'd been in love with him for almost as long. But Kayla James had always managed to keep her relationship with Mick Hanson strictly professional. And now that his kids were older, she had a choice—stay, and fess up…or get out of the line of fire.
Firefighter Mick Hanson had enough responsibility. A working single dad, he didn't need another complication—but then he saw Kayla in a different light. Until now, he'd managed to look at her as nothing more than "the nanny." Now he wasn't sure he could resist the attraction that was too hot to extinguish….

Review: This was the perfect book to help me chill out from a pile of review books. It was short, it was cute and it was a fun read.

The book read like a Hallmark Movie. A nanny, a widower, two kids and a cat. Sure a lot of it is predictable, but that doesn't matter. Christie wrote the characters well and since this book is from the Special Edition series, that means the focus is on family and not hot and heavy sex.

In this book the stars really are the children, Jane and Leo. They are typical kids and Christie doesn't write them any different. They aren't trying to do any matchmaking either. That was refreshing.

The attraction between Daddy and Nanny has been there. It just takes a series of events to get Mick to act on the attraction. That really works and without the story getting too cheesy.

There's still conflict because that's the format. Man likes Woman. Man makes love to woman. Something happens and the two of them are torn apart. Forgiveness and ultimatly marriage result.

That format doesn't change here, but at least Mick doesn't have to behave like an Alpha Male to get Kayla to stay.

I devoured this book quickly. It was just what I needed.

Rating: 4 flowers


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