Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Review: A Walk In The Snark

A Walk in the Snark
Author: Rachel Thompson
Title: A Walk In The Snark
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Publish Date: Jan 23, 2011
Review Copy Provided By: The author
Book Blurb: Rachel Thompson, author of A Walk In The Snark, writes non-fiction that makes you laugh and think. Stranded in Orange County, CA (the OC), she’s a redhead in a sea of blondes, who decided to use her voice as a way to differentiate herself from the SUVs and fake boobs that surround her every day. This chick is all real and isn’t afraid to say so.

Her Mancode and Chickspeak essays speak volumes about how men and women communicate (or fail to), while her more serious pieces about parenting, work, and lost love will tear at your heart.

With her trademark snarky humor and candor, Rachel whisks you into her caffeinated world where she deconstructs common phrases (I’m Fine) and makes up words (Refrigeratoritis) in order to help dudes understand chicks…and vice versa.

Book Review: Do you need a laugh? Do you like witty observations about the age old battle of the sexes? If you do, you want to read A Walk In the Snark.

Actually, there isn't a reason why you wouldn't want to read this book. I don't relate to Rachel's life much, but her observations are funny and spot on.  She's the kind of woman you want to have as a friend because she seems like she has something to say about everything and most of it is right on the money.

She definitely has it down about men and supermarkets. I may not be married, but I know when we send my father out of the store, with his LIST, there are usually 2 or more phone calls about something on it that he is sure isn't in the store anymore. It is a given, if I were to go to the same store 3 hours later, I'd find the item. But who wants to argue!

She's writes a little bit like Jen Lancaster but without the the traces of politics that might not suit every reader. But it isn't important who her writing reminds you of. Its important that her writing makes you laugh or think. Her poignant moments of observance show that she's not just a funny lady.

I don't say this often, but get out there and buy this book. It is definitely worth the read!

Rating: 5 flowers


Amber Scott Books said...

Awesome review! I 'get' this book in such a Friends chick way!

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