Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Beside Your Bed


This meme is hosted by the lovely Nanny @ Getting Naughty Between The Stacks

The point is to share what books are on our nightstands or our current reads.

Here are mine:

On my Nook:

Ordinary Angels
India Drummond's Ordinary Angels.

Here's the blurb: An angel is about to fall…

Although most of Zoe Pendergraft's friends are dead, that means nothing to her. After all, they died long before she met them. What does matter is the angel who took her dancing and turned her world upside down.

But grim reality intrudes when she finds a body, and the Higher Angels accuse her of the murder.

Knowing she's the only one who can stand against the Higher Angels, Zoe uses any means necessary to save her friend…all the while, wondering if the tempestuous love she's feeling is real.

The blood on her hands forces Zoe to question herself, and her angel to question her.

I'm really loving this book right now. I've got about 70 pages left to go.

The Well of Truth: Kindred Blood, Book Two
Amber Riley's The Well Of Truth is actually on the edge of the bathtub! I'm finally getting this one started. I loved The Flash Of A Firefly, so I'm really excited about jumping in to this book.

Here's the blurb: Kaden has made a promise to the Iustitia. In exchange for helping the vampire hunters rid Rome of their supernatural infestation, he will never be hunted by the church-assuming he makes it out of the country alive. With a master vampire who is letting the city be terrorized, Kaden must uncover his true motives before it is too late. Something dangerous is closing in on Kaden, and he cannot afford to be weak. Inside Vatican City, the vampires are more vulnerable than they have ever been. But with his independence on the line, Kaden is breaking every rule in the book, putting everyone's lives at risk. Worse yet, he is feeling things again-things he has not felt in centuries. He must find a way to completely sever his ties with the past. Unfortunately, in a city that is supposed to be off limits to all vampires, Kaden finds more than he bargained for-and loses even more. The Well of Truth tells a haunting tale in which a hardened vampire will realize that some secrets are better left in the dark.


heavenisabookstore said...

THAT'S IT??? That's all you have by your bedside? My goodness woman, I have about four stacks on the bottom of my nightstand and let's not even go with what I have downloaded to my nook waiting to be read. lol

Anonymous said...

Great books! Both sound awesome! Thanks so much for linking up.

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