Thursday, April 21, 2011

TBR Thursday Week 2

The purpose of TBR Thursday is to share some of the books on our TBR piles. You can post book covers or pictures of your TBR pile if you choose, but mostly we want to know some of the books on your TBR piles! Or for those of you that love your Ereader, you TBR shelf!

This week I'm going to share some of the books that I really hope to get to on the Catch Up Read-A-Thon this weekend

Me, Myself and Paris: One Toe Under the Eiffel Tower, The Other In the Grocery Store
I received Me, Myself and Paris  by Ruth Yunker for review awhile back, and everytime I was about to reach for it, something fell in my lap that I had to read.

Plus the cover is so cute!

This weekend I'm determined to get this one started and finished!

Outwitted (Sadie Witt Mystery)The next book from my TBR pile that I hope to tackle over the holiday weekend is Beth Solheim's Outwitted. It is a Sadie Witt Mystery.

This is another review copy that I've had for awhile, and I've really been on a cozy mystery kick. So I'm hoping to get to it this weekend as well.

How many books can I read in 4 days anyway?
Wicked AppetiteLastly, I've been really wanting to start reading the new series Janet Evanovich started.

I loved Diesel in the Between the Plums novels, so I want to give this one a go.

I know that like so many authors that write "character series" her books are getting to be a bit too much same ole same ole, but for some reason they always make me feel better.

Kinda like a raspberry Godiva chocolate bar or a Venti Cafe Mocha with a shot of Raspberry @ Starbucks.  Its good for the soul!
So what's on your tbr pile right now?


Kim Bowman Author said...

I'm so with you about her books making me feel better! I read them all:) Gladly!

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