Thursday, November 11, 2010

All I Want For Christmas #4

This is a feature/meme where I choose a book each week leading up to Christmas and say why it's made it onto my wishlist – and I'd love to see what books everyone else is hoping to get! I'll be posting my pick each Thursday, but you guys can link up and visit other people's posts all through the week.

I found this meme over at Danya's site, so if you decide to play along, go there and drop off your link.

Mozart's Sister
Author: Nancy Moser
Title: Mozart's Sister
Book Blurb: Nannerl Mozart's early days seem to be the stuff of fairy tales--traveling far and wide, performing piano concerts with her younger brother, Wolfgang, before the crowned heads of Europe. But behind the glamour lurk dark difficulties--the hardship of travel, agonizing bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money. Their father, Leopold, is driven by a desire to bring his son's genius to the attention of the world. But what about Nannerl? Is she not just as talented? In a world where women's choices are limited, what hope does she have of ever realizing her own dreams? In this lovingly crafted novel, author Nancy Moser brings to life one of history's hidden heroines.

Why I Want This Book: I love historical stories like this. Plus this one is different because it isn't about royalty, which is my usual favorite subject matter for historical fiction.


danya said...

Oooh haven't heard of this one before, but cool that it focuses on the lesser-known Mozart! Hope you find this one under your tree :)

Sharon said...

I saw this free for the Kindle a while back and it looked good. i got it but haven't read it yet. I hope you get it!

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