Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Keep Or Donate

I buy a lot of books used, either at stores like Half Price Books or Goodwill, because...well, because they are cheap! How can you pass up a book for 99 cents? It is pretty hard! That's why when I go to these stores I usually come back with bags full of books.

The question then is, what do I do after I read them, if they weren't 5 star books. Do I keep them or do I donate them to Goodwill or the YMCA library?

It isn't as if my house if full of space, and there are some books that are keeper shelf books even if they aren't 5 star books too, strange as it seems. (OK, so maybe I'm a little bit of a pack rat when it comes to books)

Its pretty hard to decide what to do with my already read books, especially as its very unlikely that I'll read any of them over again, for a very long while.

My TBR pile is like a whole room of my house!!

So what do you do with books you've read?


Library Gal said...

I have the same problem. I get attached to many of the books I read and then it's very difficult to part with them. My Hubby doesn't understand at all. I try and do the 1 for 1 rule-for every book that comes in, one goes out. I have a friend whose an Highschool english teacher-all my YA books that I would part with go to her class. Anything else I usually donate to the libraries booksale.

Daphne said...

I used to post some of them on Paperback Swap and then get other books that I wanted. However, I find I am increasingly wanting to keep my books - I like the look of all of them in my bookcases. Probably now the only ones I would get rid of are the ones I absolutely hated.

Josette said...

For the books which I really love, they are definitely for keepers. As for the others, I'll keep them for a while, see if I ever read them again. I have too many books right now and would love to give some away either through book giveaways or I might donate them to the library in church.

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

I use Bookmooch and I also donate books to goodwill. Bookmooch is great, but space is also a problem for me, and this doesn't help with that! You might get some great new books for your old books, though! :)

Nikki-ann said...

I keep my books... I'm a real hoarder! Though I don't mind giving away books I didn't enjoy reading.

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