Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Warrior Cats 101

Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6 For those of you that love a good young adult series and love animals, this may be the series for you. Written by Erin Hunter, who is, in fact, 3 to 4 people, depending on the book or series, Warriors tells the story of several feral cat clans of the forest.

In most of the books there are 4 clans of cats living in the forest: Thunderclan, Rivercland, Windclan and Shadowclan. In the last book of the series, there's also Bloodclan.

The clans of cats are almost like Indian Tribes, they have a leader, a deputy and a medicine cat...they go on patrols and hunt for food for the rest of the clan. They also fight.

These books say Grade 5 and up. My thought is, if you don't want your child reading a lot of violence, you may want to pass on these, even though they are pretty awesome books. They are violent. If they weren't they wouldn't be Warriors.

In just about every book, it is a given that at least two cats will die. As you get to the last few books in the series, that total goes up.

Warriors focuses primarily on Thunderclan and Firepaw...who starts his journey as a kit and moves his way up through the clan.

Some of the cats you'll encounter:

Tigerclaw: EVIL deputy of Thunderclan for most of the books
Bluestar: The leader of Thunderclan...I love this kitty.
Greypaw/Greystripe: Tigerpaw's best bud.
Yellowfang: The medicine cat from Shadowclan who becomes part of Thunderclan and takes over as medicine cat.

If you want to learn more about these books go to Warriors.

I will warn you. Once you start reading these books, you can't stop. They are very addicting and the kitties become part of you life. I've never read any children's books that kept me interested this long, and there are 2 other series to be read!


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