Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Surrounded By Books

The YMCA lending library will be the death of me.

Here's my routine:

Work out in either the Express Training Circuit or Techno Gym

Go look at the books in the lending library area.

I've mentioned our Y has about 7 shelves of books and I have a tendency to bring one home every time I go to work out.

This is a bad bad thing, as they are making my TBR pile a bit unmanageable. Right now someone has brought in several from the Temperance Brennan "Bones" series by Kathy Reichs, and I'm trying to read them as fast as I can.

They really have a good variety in those 7 shelves too; thrillers, mysteries, horror, and romance. A bit for everyone and since I tend to read anything that strikes my fancy, I'm over the moon.

But I've really got to stop bringing books home. I need to read them and take them back!

Mind you I've donated more than my fair share to their shelves but still...

~ Oh and Kathy Reichs'  Bare Bones is awesome...I'm almost finished with that one.


Nikki-ann said...

I've got a couple of Bones books here that I've had a while, I really should read them :)

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