Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Review: Greek: Best Frenemies

Greek: Best Frenemies (Harlequin Teen)
Author: Marsha Warner
Title: Greek; Best Frenemies
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publish Date: Oct 1, 2010
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: They've fought over guys, sorority elections and who gets the last Cheeserito. Casey Cartwright thought that made her and her ZBZ little sis Rebecca Logan closer. But when Casey's ex, Evan, nominates Rebecca as the next Omega Chi fraternity Sweetheart and Rebecca hesitates, Casey vows to play hardball. ZBZ's status on campus depends on Rebecca winning that title. It's time for some sisterly guidance….
Meanwhile, Casey's brother Rusty wants to create a truly spectacular legacy for his fraternity, Kappa Tau, and KT prez Cappie is hoping to live up to Casey's expectations for their fragile new relationship. The pressure is getting to everybody. When Casey goes overboard trying to advise Rebecca on how to win Sweetheart, things reach the breaking point. Will a surprise finish to the competition shake everything apart, or is it just the shock needed to bring best frenemies together?

Review:  I felt like I was back in college as I read this book, and I was the most anti-sorority/fraternity girl around. The author really seemed to capture the whole sorority thing, especially the feuds that exist between the sororities. Everything that made me glad to never be part of a Greek organization!

The story focuses on the Sweetheart competition and the main players. For someone that hasn't quite experienced what goes on in the "Greek" world, this story might be hard to take, but if you've spent more than a semester at an institution of higher learning, you'll see it is pretty spot on.

Casey takes her sorority very seriously, probably more seriously than her classes. She gets more than a little obnoxious over the competition, especially when Rebecca seems to be less than thrilled with her nomination.

Then there's Cappie, Casey's boyfriend, that seems to be majoring in partying. Any mention of graduation and study seems to throw him.  Cappie is definitely a lovable character, but it leaves you wondering about Casey? If they are seniors shouldn't they be worrying more about graduating that what's going on with the houses?

Nope, the sororities and fraternities are all that matter, and let me tell you the competition is rough.

I was amazed at how well the author alluded to all the naughty stuff that college students get up to, without actually getting into it. There are no sex scenes, but you know Casey and Cappie are sleeping together and so are Rebecca and Evan. Oh and the Tri Pi's sleep with everyone!

The only thing I didn't quite grasp was the title. Yes, Rebecca and Casey each dated the other's current guy, but there really didn't seem to be any animosity between the two.

This was a great young adult read. It was fast and fun. Much like a more modern Sweet Valley High, for the older teens.


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