Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Review: Do Not Disturb Until Christmas

Do Not Disturb Until Christmas (Harlequin Desire)
Author: Charlene Sands
Title: Do Not Disturb Until Christmas
Publisher: Silhouette Desire
Publish Date: Nov 2008
Book Blurb:  All millionaire businessman Cody Landon wanted for Christmas was sweet payback. Superstar singer Sarah Rose had betrayed him for the limelight—and now she'd taste his revenge. He'd seduce her, then leave her forever. But Cody didn't count on being hungry for more.

Or on the resulting pregnancy. To save her image and career, Sarah Rose would have to marry him. Giving Cody what he'd wanted all along: all access—all the time. Once their baby was born, he'd divorce her. Or would his Christmas bride get what she wanted?

Review: I love Charlene Sands' books for Silhouette and I was prepared to devour this one like the reading candy she usually delivers, but I just didn't quite warm up to Cody the way I felt I should. He was just a little too alpha male for me.  Cody was too hung up on revenge and he didn't soften until the last 20 pages, making the ending come a little too quickly.

The premise of Cody and Sarah being high school sweethearts was a great setup for the story. I liked that they had a history, and that there were feelings still brewing between them.  I wish that history had been developed more. The reader caught glimpses of what Sarah and Cody shared in bits of conversations, but a few flashbacks would have made the story better.

Sarah was a great heroine and I loved that she was a country singer. At times she seemed a bit like a young Loretta Lynn. She was strong and yet she was manipulated by her manager, who kept her away from Cody, and from developing her career the way she wanted to. Robert Gillespie was definitely a villian, but he could have been a better one. When Cody confronts him at the end, he gives in too easily for someone that really has an evil streak.

Then there was the matter of Sarah and the baby. I'm trying to figure out how she had to wait to see a doctor to know she was pregnant. I mean, there are some warning signs. Then she gives up her career at the end to be a mom, or at least it felt like she was giving up a career she seemed to love to be a mom. That kind of fell flat with me.

I usually really love Charlene's books, but this one wasn't one of her best in my eyes.

Rating: 2 flowers


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