Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Review: The Englisher

The Englisher (Annie's People Series #2)Author: Beverly Lewis
Title: The Englisher
Publisher:  Bethany House
Publish Date: May 1, 2006
Rating: 4 stars
Book Blurb:  Annie Zook, the preacher's daughter, struggles to keep her promise to her father
to abandon her art for a full six months. Will she succeed, only to succumb to another "forbidden" desire? And what would her father do if he discovered her friendship with a handsome Englisher? Ben Martin has recently moved to Pennsylvania from Kentucky on a secret search of his own. He is mysteriously drawn to Paradise and especially to the covered bridge depicted in Annie's painting, a folded copy of which he carries in his pocket...along with a smooth peach stone. Will Ben's keen interest in Annie derail her intention to join the Amish church come autumn? (Annie's People Book 2)

Review:  The Englisher is the second book in Beverly's "Annie's People" series. Annie is the Preacher's Daughter, but she isn't a dutiful daughter. Though she seems to be Amish through and through, she has doubts.

Beverly Lewis does a remarkable job portraying the Amish and the struggles they face, deciding whether they are going to jump the fence or join the church. Annie is in her 20's and she hasn't made her decision.  Her father is an Old Order preacher. In this story we see her struggling with a promise she made to her father not to continue with her art (which is really good) and her growing feelings for a young "englisher"

But there's more to the story than just Annie and Ben. There's the shunning of her friend Esther, whose beliefs are changing and her abusive husband Zeke who has some secrets of his own. He's not an easy character to deal with. He's not particularly nice but as the story goes on, you really start to feel sorry for him. Just as you wish Esther could get away from him permanently.

Another part of  the story involves Annie's friend Lou is there and she's falling for an Amish man. Both friends seem destined to have troubles in love. It was hard not to feel bad for each of them, because their loves really don't seem meant to be. Lou still has too many ties to the outside world, and Annie is very Amish even though she has longings for more worldly things.

There's quite a lot going on in the 347 pages, but Lewis manages to tie up just enough to leave the reader longing for the next book and that's exactly what happens here. I ran out to the store in hopes of finding book 3 to no avail!!


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