Friday, May 21, 2010

Childhood Reads

I've been doing a lot of cleaning in our basement for the last few weeks and in doing so I've unearthed a lot of books. This past week, I found two of my favorite books from my baby years.

Both were Little Golden Books. The first was The Bunny Book written by Richard Scarry. Scarry wrote just about all my favorite books when I was little. There are loads of them still in the basement including "What Do People Do All Day" and "The Best Word Book Ever." I must have spent countless hours reading those books.

The other book was Baby's Birthday by Patricia Mowers. I wish this one didn't cost so much. A used copy of this one goes for about $69.00 and my copy was used and abused when I was little and didn't know better.

These books totally shaped my childhood. I squealed with delight when I found them. Its a shame that they weren't well protected for the 20 years they resided in boxes in my basement. I can still buy a copy of The Bunny Book, but not Baby's Birthday and that makes me terribly sad. These books are definite classics.

Did you read Little Golden Books as a child? Which ones where your favorites?


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