Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Am Anal About My Books

I was at Goodwill today, perusing the used books when I happened across The Other Boleyn Girl. I've wanted to read that book for ages and ages. I pulled the book out and gave it a through inspection and put it back.


It was too beat up.

Granted the book was only 99 cents, but this is a book that will likely end up on my bookshelf for its life, and I don't want a copy that looks like it went through a war. None of the books I buy look like that after reading, so if its a keeper book, then I don't want the book to look that way when I bring it home.

My mother thinks I was nuts to pass up the book, but I just couldn't bring myself to bring home a book that I really hope to love that's already battered and broken.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that would do something like this.


Jess said...

I like newer and cleaner books as well, but it makes me sad to see all the books at the used bookstore with no home.

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