Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Review: Beyond Beautiful

Beyond Beautiful (The Song Trilogy)

Author: Jan Bornstein
Title: Beyond Beautiful
Publish Date:  Dec 9, 2006
Publisher: Back Channel Press
Rating:  3 Stars
Book Blurb: It's hard enough for us mere mortals. In the rarefied, high-wattage atmosphere of the music world, rock stars Jenna Bradford and Scott Tenny struggle to find love. Two beautiful people living their lives in a fish bowl, where every rumor of happiness or grief becomes grist for the gossip mill, where every public moment is chronicled in close-up by paparazzi armed with cameras. Two human beings grappling with realities present and past as they seek to establish common ground and trust where their love for one another can blossom and grow. Two individuals experiencing the truest love either has ever known. Two giants of the music industry, both industries in their own rights, trying to make a life for themselves that is Beyond Beautiful.

Review:  Beyond Beautiful is a guilty pleasure read. It reads like fanfiction and it almost is. Word on the street is Scott Tenny may be inspired by classic rocker "Steve Tyler." From the looks of the guy one the book's jacket, that gossip may be right.

The writing is a bit off in the first chapters, with Bornstein doing more telling than showing, but both Scott and Jenna are characters that really worm their way into your life, mostly because you can't believe all the stuff that happens to them. As the story progresses, Jan finds her footing and the story moves along nicely.

Scott meets Jenna at a benefit and instantly feels an attraction and isn't afraid of telling Jenna about it. Unfortunately fate sends Jenna to Denver and she hooks up with football player. How Jenna and Scott end up together is something that might only happen in Hollywood or a writer's imagination.

But that's not all. Jenna and Scott's relationship will be put to the test in ever manner possible. In fact there are times, when Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson would be happy with their private lives if they compared them to Jenna Bradford's.

Jenna has to deal with a horrific car crash where she loses the football player's baby. Then as her relationship with Scott is starting to blossom, she starts having flashbacks and nightmares of being attacted.

Yeah, this story is full of drama. Unbelievable drama, even by "Hollyweird's" standards. Some of the drama will leave readers shaking there heads.  All that aside, the story really gets a hold of the reader, because you don't want to miss what ridiculous thing is going to happen next, and believe me, it happens. The only thing that isn't in this book is hot spicy sex. That's where Borstein really fails her readers. If you are going to write a Jackie Collins style book, and that's what Beyond Beautiful is, you need to back it up the spice!

This is what I'd call Jackie Collins light, a fun read, but nothing memorable, but now I want to read the next two books in the series.

~ This book provided by BoStick Communications via the publicist: Skye Wentworth


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