Saturday, October 30, 2010

Book Review: The Promise

The Promise (De Warenne Dynasty)Author: Brenda Joyce
Title: The Promise
Publisher: HQN
Publish Date: Sept 28, 2010
Rating: 3 stars
Book Blurb: After a record-breaking sail from China, Alexi de Warenne's moment of triumph quickly vanishes. At his welcoming party, his bewitching childhood friend Elysse O'Neill begins flirting with a shipmate, clearly punishing Alexi for his time at sea. But when Alexi finds Elysse desperately struggling in the man's arms, tragedy ensues. Within days, Alexi weds her to save her honor—and leaves her to forge a new life.

Elysse de Warenne rules the ton with her wit and grace, but the whispers of "abandoned bride" follow her ruthlessly. Elysse will never reveal the truth: that she hasn't seen her husband in six years—and that they didn't even consummate their marriage! When Alexi unexpectedly returns to England, Elysse will do whatever it takes to win his heart and claim her place at his side….

Review:  To say this book was a disappointment is an understatement. I usually love Brenda's books, but both the hero and the heroine are so unlikable. Alexi is downright mean and hateful and Elysse is a spoiled obnoxious brat. Even though you know that after the incident that resulted in her marriage, she changed for the better, she still didn't learn much about how to behave.
What I really couldn't understand about both characters was their lack of communication, especially for two people who were such close friends. When things start going wrong, neither of them has the brains to tell the other how they really feel, yet both insist that they were best friends.
It doesn't make sense.
Even worse is the attraction they felt for each other early on that they don't act upon. It is really frustrating for the reader to know that they have these feelings but don't have the brains to share them with each other. Not to mention the fact that both keep lovers or have the appearance that they do, for all of society to see, and then wonder why the other is jealous.
Again it makes little sense.
Then there's the last 70 pages. How does Alexi miss that Elysse is a virgin? And why is he such a pigheaded fool? At least its easier to understand Elysse wanting to follow him to China after their nights of passion.
Definitely not one of my favorite reads by this author.
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