Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can It Be Too Hot To Read?

I'm in Southwestern PA and I have to say...Yes is definitely the answer. We only have AC in a few rooms in our house, so reading is really difficult right now. Heck, playing on the computer is close to hell, as the room with my computer only has a tower fan that isn't doing much good right now.

All I want to do is sleep or find someplace cool to hide.

I never thought I'd say this after last winter and all the ice and snow, but I almost miss winter. I would love to have a normal fall....or spring. Extreme temperatures and me just don't get along.

So what about it ever too hot or too cold for you to pick up a book?


Rex Robot Reviews said...

I'm in Western Maryland and I feel your pain... Though I have been KILLING books because I don't want to move and reading is one of the only things I can do that doesn't require much movement. haha.

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