Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Must Have This Book

Plain Fear: Forsaken: A Novel
I saw Plain Fear: Forsaken when I was looking for new reads on BOMC2 the other day. I have to say the book blurb really grabbed me, because it was such a strange mixing of genres...

Uh can you say, Paranormal Amish?


Oh yeah, I've got to read this one. It is either going to be absolutely fab or such an atrocity that it will be worth grabbing. Sometimes some things are so bad that they are good.

I can't wait to find out where this book fits in the grand sceme of things.

Here's the blurb for those interested: Leanna Ellis gives us a haunting tale of good versus evil in Plain Fear: Forsaken, as an Amish woman comes face-to-face with a vampire determined to claim her for his own.

Though Hannah’s Amish community seems peaceful on the outside, her own life hasn’t been very joyful since the death of her beloved Jacob. But now, Jacob’s brother Levi has started calling on her, and his attentions are finally drawing her away from her grief. Everything changes when the stranger Akiva comes to town. Because, as she soon learns, he is, in fact, Jacob! Except now he’s a vampire…and he wants her as his bride. And as he begins his dark seduction, it’s up to Hannah to choose between the two brothers…and between lasting love and eternal damnation.


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