Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Review: In Memory's Shadow

Author:Linda Randall Wisdom
Title: In Memory's Shadow
Publisher:  Silhouette Intimate Moments
Publish Date: April 1997
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: Sam Barkley had promised to protect her. But Keely Harper was beginning to think she would never be safe again. Since she'd returned to Echo Ridge, the town of her birth, she'd been plagued by nightmares - not to mention that her new neighbors all looked at her strangely.

Keely had been orphaned at five, and left with no memory of her early life. She'd come to Echo Ridge hoping to fill in some of the gaps, yet all she'd found were more questions. Her handsome lover seemed to know something he wasn't telling her. Could she trust the safety she felt in Sam's warm embrace? Or would her fragile serenity be destroyed by the devastating secret of her past?

Review: This was really a great suspenseful read. You learn early on that Keely was a witness to her parents' murders, but shortly after the trial that put the murderer away, she became ill and lost the memory of that night.

Flash forward 20+ years and Keely and her daughter are returning to Echo Ridge. But she's getting clues via nightmares as to what happened, only she's not the only one that knows she's regaining her memory. Someone connected with the crime knows.

Linda created some great characters with this story. I loved that Keely was in her thirties with a teenage daughter, as is Sam. The banter between the kids and the parents is spot on and funny. When the kids start playing matchmaker it is even funnier. It really lightens the story up, which is needed because as things start to happen and Keely starts to remember things get really intense! Oh and you'll never guess who did it.


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