Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Review: The Maid And The Millionaire

Author: Myrna MacKenzie
Title: The Maid And The Millionaire
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Publish Date: March 2007
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: Anna Nowell loves her job—living rent-free in a fabulous mansion for an absentee landlord has perks she'd never imagined. But when her boss returns, her dream job is in jeopardy—unless Anna can convince him she's indispensable!

Wealthy, cultured Donovan Barrett was a renowned physician until the tragic death of his son. Grief-stricken, he craves solitude. Consorting with the help isn't on his agenda, but Anna, with her compassion and laughter, has a way of changing all his plans and bringing him back to life when he thought he'd never love again.—

Review: This is one of those romances that kind of makes you groan. The story is cute, but a little trite. OK, a lot trite. The housekeeper, who desperately wants to have children and her millionaire boss who is avoiding children and life because his son was killed while he was too busy being Super Doctor.

The two fall in love but both fight it because of class structure. Anna is a housekeeper, after all, and this is Lake Geneva! The way these two act really makes you think you might be reading a historical rather than a contemporary novel.

Donovan is way too into his grief and it almost becomes obnoxious how well he hides from the world. I would have loved to have had more background on his failed marriage. All we know is that her name was Cecily. I do give props to the author for not making her some nasty woman, but more than a passing mention of her seems appropriate.

The odd thing about this book is that both main characters could best be described as goody-two-shoes. There's nothing terrible about Donovan, except that he was putting his career before his family and now he's come to regret it. Anna is loved by all, except maybe the wealthy housewives of Lake Geneva that want Donovan for themselves.

It was nice that none of those snotty ladies (particularly) Dana got their hands on Donovan. That really made the story perfectly sweet. The other thing I thought was sweet was how both Anna and Donovan tried to do what they could to make the other happy even though they didn't feel they should be happy together (pun intended).

Overall it is a good read. Perfect for a sunny afternoon. Then when you are done, pass it on to someone else.


Lover of Romance said...

Great Review!!! I sometimes love reading these types of romances, and their circumstances is probably more common than we think. It sounds like a tender story though!!!

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