Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: Accidentally The Sheikh's Wife

Author: Barbara McMahon
Title: Accidentally The Sheikh's Wife
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Publish Date: March 2010
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: For Bethanne Saunders, flying Sheikh Rashid al Harum's private plane has its perks. When her feet touch the ground it's on the plush carpet of his sumptuous palace. And just being near gorgeous Rashid makes her feel on cloud nine!

Bethanne has all the luxury she can handle--until suddenly she's promoted to princess! But the dazzling rock on her finger is a stark reminder that it's a convenient engagement. Everyone knows sheikhs don't fall for ordinary girls from Texas....

Review: This book had the market cornered on sweet. Bethanne is a fairly strong female as fare as Harlequin romances go. Rashid was a little hard to like at first and his brother and mother even more so. At least as you read on, you learn why his twin behaved so unkindly towards Bethanne. There really wasn't much of an excuse for his mother.

Barbara wrote the love story in a fairly believable fashion, if pilots and sheikh's got together all the time. Their love grows slowly from both sides as they get to know each other, even though both of them feel that the relationship is all "pretend." She also beautifully describes the area in which the story takes place. You could easily visualize the middle east and the Persian Gulf.

I loved Bethanne's determination to find out what happened to her father. Though it is this part of the story that I have one small issue with. Rashid knows that she is looking for answers and yet when she's trying to tell him her feelings he feels like she's using him to get the information. It didn't fit the way he had behaved towards her.

This was definitely a good quick read. Plus it really is hard to resist a handsome sheikh.


Lover of Romance said...

Sounds like a good romance that I would love to get my hands on! I love any good love story that involves a sheik. Great Review!

Happy Reading!

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