Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Review: Old Flames

Author: Sandra Dark
Title: Old Flames
Publisher: Silhouette Shadows
Publish Date: March 1996
Rating: 3 Stars
Book Blurb: Have we met before?
Anthropologist Amber Sheridan had come to the centuries-old mansion to unearth a mysterious discovery--not to fall under the spell of the home's handsome owner. But she soon found blue-eyed millionaire James Shockley impossible to resist.
There was a haunting quality to his caresses, an almost desperate yearning in his kisses. It was as if she had searched for him her entire life.
And though Amber knew she could easily succumb to James' passionate pleas, she was determined to uncover the reason why his soul called to hers, and, if she gave in to her desire, where that surrender would lead.

Review: This Shadows had so much potential but it didn't quite do it for me. The book started out much too slow and didn't really get going until about mid-way.

Once it got started it really pulled you in, however if a less dedicated reader would likely cast the book aside in favor of something a little more fast paced.

The problem with the story wasn't in the plot so much as it was in the discovery of what the paranormal thing the characters were dealing was. In this case a curse on the Cavendish family by 7 slaves.  The first part of the book spent too much time with Amber and James getting to know each other and the excavation of the basement of James' mansion, where the bones were discovered.

Once it became known that the seven women where like priestesses, the story picked up and things started to become clearer to the reader. It also made it easier to like James, whereas before you felt weary of him. If you are a patient reader, this book delivers, but if you want something that grabs you from the very start, this might not be your thing.


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