Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Birthday Goodies

My friends were really great to me when it comes to my reading obsession. I've got $50.00 @ Barnes and Noble and $35.00 @ Target (where I find an insane amount of books), I also got the two books my "other mother" sent me and a huge bag of Nora Roberts books from my friend Mary who finished reading them.

Yay! More books.

I think there were at least 15 older Nora Roberts books in that bag and one V.C. Andrews, which I will read, just for the hell of it, kind of like I'm going to read New Moon. These are books I don't really want to read, but since everyone else in the freaking world likes them, I'll try to get through them. (Even though it just might kill me).

I'm looking forward to using my presents and reading through the goodies I received this week. I'm also looking forward to my Harlequin shipment this month, so I know which books from Mira and HQN that I can buy. I wish that website offered a giftcard! Right now there are some pretty awesome sales over there and a few of the sales are on books on my wishlist! You know, like this one:


Vicki said...

Congrats on your Birthday Swag!

And as far as New Moon goes, you're a braver soul than I. I made it through the first book on sheer willpower. As far as I'm concerned, watching the movies (while at friends' houses) is enough for me.

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