Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Author To Rave About

Have you ever read a book and been about halfway through and already you know that this is an author that you'll read no matter what.

Well I'm reading Maureen Child's Wedding At King's Convenience and she's won me over with this one book. I got it as a free download and its really one of the first ebooks I've read.

What I really found impressive about her are the characters. Maura is strong female and not the kind that has hidden wussy traits that come in after a few chapters. Maura wasn't going to let herself be walked on by any man. That's refreshing.

The other thing I found refreshing was the hero who didn't act like a total ass.

But I won't go on anymore about the book. I'll review it when I'm done. What I will tell you is that Maureen Child is an awesome writer and one that you should definitely check out. She's definitely going on my must read everything list.


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