Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Favorite Authors: Romance

I have an increasingly large number of authors whose books I buy without question some you may have heard of, others perhaps not. Let me share some of my favorites with you and maybe you'll find someone new to try out

1. Stephanie Bond: I'm so glad a friend of mind gave me one of her Blaze novels for Harlequin. When it comes to steamy fiction Stephanie really knows how to write them. One of my favorite Blaze books was one that she's written called Seduction By The Book. Its 4 stories within a story about some women taking part in a book club that only features erotic fiction. One word; Wow! Its produced a novella and a full-length sequel. But that's not all Stephanie writes, she's also got the Body Movers series which is something along the lines of a slightly posher Stephanie Plum.

2. Janet Evanovich: I can't begin to tell you how much I love this woman's writing. If you haven't heard of her Stephanie Plum series or the Nascar series, get yourself to Amazon or your nearest bookstore. What I like about Janet's books is the humor and the general fucked up-ness that her heroines are full of, and yet they land on their feet, no matter how many cars of Stephanie's get blown up! If you want a laugh with just a touch of romance, and I do mean only a touch, grab a Plum novel and prepare to chuckle.

3. Debbie Macomber: Debbie Macomber writes relationship fiction. She started out doing Harlequin Romances in the 80s and her books always featured the most down to earth characters. Recently her Mrs. Miracle novel was made into a movie for the Hallmark Channel and it was the highest viewed cable movie that week. Woo Hoo. If you want to read books that center around family and real life, you can't go wrong with Debbie.

4. Jina Bacarr: Jina is a writer of erotic fiction for the Spice line, plus she's a pretty nice lady who is willing to discuss her writing with her readers. Granted if you are bothered by sex scenes than her books will probably be a bit too much for you, but if you are brave, give her books a try, because she really does her research for her stories.

Some of my other favorites to try, Nicola Marsh, Heather MacAllister, Jo Leigh, Amanda Quick


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