Saturday, February 6, 2010

Review: Sarah Morgan - The Vasquez Baby

I'm never again going to say I love an author from the Presents line again, its the kiss of death for me. I loved The Sheikh's Virgin Princess, but I can find nothing redeeming to say about The Vasquez Baby.

Let me explain why. Faith, the heroine was the wussy-est female I've ever read about, while trying to hide it in the disguise of a strong minded career woman. Every other sentence seemed to be of her crying or pouting or fearing that her love wasn't trusting her enough or loving her or whatever.

Then there's Raul, the Argentine billionaire, with a chip on his shoulder about the size of the Empire State Building. He's totally unlikable. All he seems to care about is sex. From the start you know that he doesn't want to be married or have children, but you don't know why until the last few pages. Perhaps knowing sooner what caused his phobia might have endeared him to me a bit more, but as it was, he was an ass.

The other big problem I had with the story was how it started at the two characters meeting and then it jumped ahead about 10 months or so. It went from meeting to Faith and Raul reuniting after an accident. Faith had run away shortly after their marriage. Further proof she's a wishy washy woman in my book.

This book was sadly a waste of my time. I will give Sarah's novels for Presents one more chance but if I get another stinker like this, I'm banishing her to the land of lousy authors.


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