Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: A Taste Of Temptation

Carrie Alexander scores a hit with her A Taste Of Temptation, the third and final book in 2006's Lust Potion #9 series. This is gossip columnist Zoe Aberdeen and police lab tech Donovan Shane's story. When the story starts out the two seem to be the most unlikely pair, but as the potion takes hold, things change.

Zoe needs Shane's help to get information on the potion that was turned into the police, for an article that she hopes will make her career and get her taken seriously. At first Shane isn't very helpful, but then he drinks the potion. What happens after that can only be described as magical, after all, Zoe is a certifiable hottie and Shane is, well, he's a nerd.

Its amazing how explosive sex can change a girl's opinion of a guy and vice versa.

Oh and when it looks like the lust potion is a part of something more sinister the two lovebirds go hunting for answers.

This book was fantatastic, hot steamy sex and a taste of suspense thrown in for good measure. I loved Donovan's geekiness and his initial grumpiness when faced with Zoe. I also loved that Carrie didn't write him as muscular geek that just wore glasses. The fact that he was tall and lean scored points with me.

Zoe was adorable as an underachiever. Though it was hard to figure out how she didn't use her smarts to get a little bit further ahead in her career before this.

All in all, this was a great read. I will now be hunting down the other 2 books from this mini-series.


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