Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book Review: From Playboy To Papa

Leanne Bank's introduces us to the first Medici brother in From Playboy To Papa! and we quickly discover that Rafe is a hero not to be tangled with when it comes to getting what he wants and after he sees a photo he wants his son. However when he finds him, the woman taking care of him isn't the woman he thought he'd find, Tabitha Livingstone, his ex. Instead, he meets her twin, Nicole, who is everything her wild sister was not. Nicole isn't ready to hand her sister's son over to just any man, even if that man is Joel's father.

The two come together to help Joel transition into a new life easier, but what both of them didn't expect was for love to find its way to both of them. Sure there were sparks but the seeds of love were definitely being sown.

Rafe Medici is truly one of the most perfect heroes. Even though he doesn't quickly admit to having feelings for Nicole, he shows all the signs of being a good father and husband. Its harder to believe Nicole's lack of trust for him, though she has some demons to banish.

Nicole Livingstone is more than a heroine, she's already a great mother. Her feelings for Joel will draw sympathy to her. How could they not. She's raised this boy just about from birth and here's Rafe come to take him away.

The sex was downplayed in this book which was a good thing, because relationships and family were more key to this being the wonderful story that it is. Leanne gave just enough back story to keep you interested and then towards the end she throws a teaser in, so that you definitely want to read the next two books.

My keeper shelf is buckling under the weight of all these great books I've been reading lately.


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