Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Review: Elsewhere

There are so few books that I can literally not put down but this tale of the afterlife and reincarnation was definitely one that I couldn't let go of.

Liz wakes up one morning in a strange bet on the S.S. Nile which delivers her to Elsewhere. Elsewhere is the place Gabrielle Zevin has created for souls to go when they leave this earth.

On the S.S. Nile she encounters several people that will shaper her afterlife, among them is former rocker Curtis Jest. When she arrives in Elsewhere she's greeted by the grandmother she never knew, who looks to be the same age as her mom Olivia, but who died at 50 of breast cancer.

Why does she look so young?

In Elsewhere you age backwards, until you are 7 days old and then you are released back to earth to start a new life.

Elsewhere deals with Liz's struggles to deal with her own death and loss as well as acceptance of life on Elsewhere.

Zevin writes for young adults but anyone who reads this is bound to find Lizzie's story uplifting.

The book's message is such a simple your life and your death to the fullest.

I recommend this book to everyone!


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