Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Review: Her Sexy Valentine

Her Sexy Valentine is one of the sequels to Oct's Seduction By The Book. This time around we are getting Carol Snow's story and what a wild, wacky, sexy tale it is.

Carol goes through a sort of Groundhog Day meets A Christmas Carol thing going on which is a unique twist, but it also detracts from the original story of women seducing their chosen man the way a character in an erotic novel would.

I think this is what makes this book slightly less enjoyable then the first. The erotic novels chosen by the other Red Totebag members gave something extra to the characters. With Carol and Luke there was nothing except a banter over her reading dirty books.

I think the Christmas Carol part of the plot worked the best, because Carol wasn't very likable, even when you learn the reasons for her being standoffish. Luke is a playboy, but nothing he did seemed be anything that would cause anyone to act the way Carol did towards him throughout most of the book.

Her Sexy Valentine definitely didn't live up to the standard's of Seduction By The Book, but if you haven't read that one, its still a good read by Stephanie Bond, its just not quite as good as it could've been.


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