Monday, February 1, 2010

Vampires In Fiction

I love a good vampire story, just like many women seem to do these days, but I really wish Stephanie Meyer would go to blazes and take her sparkly friends with her.

I don't mind a little distortion of the vampire legend, but this is really getting to be ridiculous. What really bugs me the most about all of the new vampire stories is that so many of the vampires are just too darn "NICE."

I like a little evil in my paranormal characters. I mean, Dracula, was a blood sucking bastard, why do all the vamps that are popular now have to be about going against their nature, falling in love, and yada yada yada?

I think that's why deep down, Anne Rice's vampires will always appeal more to me than the others.

That's not to say that I don't like my vampires to have some romance or sex going on, but I hate when they are all emo in their wanting to be human or not wanting to do the whole bloodlust thing.

What's the point of being a vampire if you aren't going to go around draining people!!

It was like this wonderful Sci-fi show I used to watch, Forever Knight. I loved the vampire, but he was so emo, back when emo didn't exist, about not acting on his urges.

I don't want vampires like that. I want them to rejoice in their undeadness. I want them to bring across their lovers and not try to become human. To me that's just boring.

Oh and above all else, my vampires should never ever ever SPARKLE!

How do you like your vampires in your fiction?


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