Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Pros and Cons Of Used Book Stores

I love a good bargain as much as anyone but sometimes used book stores can be very frustrating. Here's my list of why I love and hate these wonderful establishments.


1. Depending on where you are shopping you can get books for as little as 50 cents to half off the cover price. Great deals!

2. Its always fun to peruse the shelves not knowing what you are going to find. Its like an Easter egg hunt!

3. Getting that great deal on a book you didn't expect to find.

4. Being able to sit on the floor of a dusty old shop and just surround yourself with the books. You can get away with this in some bigger shops but its not nearly as fun, especially when the books start falling off the shelves onto you, as they do in my favorite used book shop, Paradox Books in Wheeling, WV.

5. The books you find can be very old or just released.


1. The books are in varying conditions. I hate when I find a book that's a keeper but the spine is bent so badly that it won't last a second reading.

2. You may not find what you are looking for. In fact, sometimes you may find nothing at all.

3. They don't put cute little coffee shops in Used Book stores.


Barry Alfonso said...

Have you checked out Trans-Allegheny Books in Parkersburg, WV? I consider myself a used book store connoiseur and this is a real good one. It is located in an old Carnegie library and is loaded with great atmosphere. Some of the floors are made out of glass (!) and can only be reached by a spiral staircase. If you are looking for dusty old history books, biographies and fiction, this is your kind of place. No lattes, though. Check it out: 304-422-4499.

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