Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Review: Hard To Resist

There's a saying, "You can never go home," buy Mary Tate Engels blasts that theory into smithereens in Hard To Resist Suzanna Schaeffer returns to the town of Grace to run the new country club. She left years ages ago with boyfriend Jake, but when he didn't want to settle she had to find stability for their nine year old son Ross. Back at home she meets her old crush, Chase Clements, a river rat with a bad reputation in town.

Both are rebels, but all have grown up since their high school years.

Engels creates two very lovable characters that have some inner turmoil to deal with. Suzanna is trying to succeed at a new job with a chauvinistic boss as well trying to raise her son alone. Chase is building a business while raising his sister's son Ken.

They carry out a secret affair because Suzanna is afraid to lose her job because her boss, Mr. Rutherford, has a vendetta against Chase.

Its a story that can only be set in the south. Small-minded townspeople, river rats and feuds.

One of the best things about the book is one of the secondary characters, Ellie, Suzanna's mom. At the beginning she starts off very needy, and by the end she's taking on the elite men's club The Rogue's.

After reading a lot of the Blaze imprint, the Temptation line doesn't seem as spicy as it seemed 15 years ago. This story in particular was more family oriented then hot and spicy, but it worked, with two kids running around, its hard to have believable sex scenes.

Definitely a book to read, if not put on the keeper shelf.


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