Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review: 1-900-Lover

This book is part hysterical part steamy. The heroine, Rowan is a phone sex operator. She's doing this because she got laid off from her teaching position and she needs to pay the bills.

Will is the guy that got stuck with a $1000.00 phone bill thanks to a nephew who called the 900 number. He wants to rip the phone sex operator a new one, until he meets Rowan, and then he wants to do some different things to her.

I actually found this story to be a bit underdeveloped. I wanted more from both characters. I liked the secondary characters and I wish they would have had more time, especially Ida the landlady and Will's mother. I loved the stuff Ida sent Rowan on errands for, and some of Will's mom's advice was priceless.

The story seemed to lose track of the reason why the two liked each other, and instead went straight into hot monkey love. That's fine most of the time, but I think the sex ended up carrying this story a bit too much. The plot kind of got lost in the shuffle.

The quick resolution at the end felt a bit forced too. Will's anger was a bit unfounded and to want to end a relationship because of the 900 line just seemed a bit foolish. He was acting a bit too alpha male for me.

This was a good book, but there was something lacking that kept it from being great.


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