Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review: Midnight Resolutions

First let me say I loved Midnight Resolutions by Kathleen O'Reilly, but that said, it took til the story was almost over before I didn't want to kill Rose. The heroine was so, snotty and pretentious that it was impossible to really warm to her until she started to see the error of her ways. In fact, this was one novel where the hero seemed to be more of a front and center character. Ian's life and struggles seemed far more important than Rose's. Maybe its because I have a bias against blondes named Rose, because of my dislike for the Doctor Who character, of that name.

Even the secondary characters were more likable then Rose. I really would have enjoyed more time spent with Ian's friends Beckett and Pheobe who hooked up midway through the story after several false starts. I also loved Rose's employers' Sylvie and Anton. These characters more than made up for the fact that Rose was obnoxious.

So why did I like the book so much? Because Rose was obnoxious and because she learned that money doesn't always equal happiness. Kathleen O'Reilly created a great story of a couple that meet in Times Square on New Year's Eve, quite by accident and then somehow, through many ups and downs, manage to have a real relationship, even though one is a social climber and the other works for an employment agency.

This is definitely a book for the keeper shelf.


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