Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Review: Blazing Bedtime Stories Vol IV

The fourth book in this wonderful mini-series of short stories is definitely one for the fans of paranormal romance. In Kimberly Kaye's Cupid's Bite we're treated to a story about a former Navy SEAL turned vampire, Rayne Montana is back in his hometown to tie up loose ends before going on to do more vampirey things. Lucy Rivers is the girl that left him behind for his own good.

Well thanks to some of his vampire powers the two of them share a bit of a hot and heavy reunion. Even though Lucy doesn't want to get involved with him again, even if it is just sex. Rayne has vampire powers that make sure she will enjoy ever minute of their reunion sex.

This story was pure vampire fun. In a more classic sense. No one flipping SPARKLED! I loved that Rayne was a "new" vampire and not sure of his abilities and yet he knew not to hurt Lucy.

Oh and to add a little bit of humor, Lucy has inherited a dog named Cupid who likes to bite men's legs. Oh and after he does, the men fall in love with his owner. Needless to say, the whole female population of Skull Creek (at least the single female portion of the population) want this dog!

The only thing I have to gripe about with this story is that we're introduced to Miranda and Cody and we're also told that there are more vampires in Skull Creek, but this is a novella, so we don't get to learn much about them. So Kimberly, if you read this! Write their stories! I want more!!

The second story in the book is I Wish He Might, by one of my favorite Blaze authors, Samantha Hunter! In this story the heroine, Nina Larson has to write a story about a genie, only she finds the genie and finds there's more to the whole "three wishes thing."

I loved the genie "Alec" and how he shared some of his "secrets" with Nina. Best of all, I liked how Nina protected him and rescued him from the jinn hunter. This story was sweet, sexy and fun, just what I come to expect from Samantha.

This was definitely a great bedside book and one I'll revisit again just for fun!


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