Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review: Bright Lights, Big Ass

This book was so funny I hurt myself laughing in several places. Jen Lancaster really recounts parts of her life in a hilarious fashion.

She's one of those people that you love to laugh at, with and about. I'd almost want her to be my best friend, if not for her political leanings. Sorry, I can't trust anyone that enjoys reading Ann Coulter. It really makes me question your sanity. Same could be said about a certain lady that was in the running for VP, but I digress. After I got past all the little bit of politics that touched the book, and there isn't much, the rest is laugh out loud funny. I mean clutch your sides, roll of the chair and laugh until you cry.


Because Jen is just so crazy you have to laugh at her. You occasionally feel sorry for Fletch (her husband) and Maisey and Loki (her dogs) because they have to live with her.


Because though she will have you in stitches laughing she really does seem certifiable at times and downright mean at others and some other times, just plain dumb.

That doesn't stop this book from being good and it doesn't stop me from wanting to read her other books as well.


Because with all her craziness, its a wonder she's lived as long as she has without someone killing her!


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