Friday, April 23, 2010

It Was A Good Book Day

Let me first say that driving a BRAND NEW CHEVY COBALT even for 3 days is totally awesome. This car has less than 2000 miles on it. I've never ever driven anything that new.

So, I'm motoring along in the Cobalt, did I mention its red? Yes, its gorgeous and RED! I go to the gym like a good little girl. Then I head off to Goodwill aka: Best Used Bookstore in the area.

Lots of books but slim pickings if you are in the market for some romance, however I did find two great books.

The first one being a reprint of one of Janet Evanovich's novels for Loveswept called "The Grand Finale." I wonder if anyone has the originals? I bet those are worth a mint if they are in good condition.

This should tide me over until Sizzling Sixteen comes out in June. I'm super excited for that, because I love Stephanie Plum novels. Though I have to say I wouldn't mind a new "Metro Girl" books sometime soon.

The next book is one by Candace Camp called The Wedding Challenge. I love a good historical, and if its set in England, all the better.

The best thing about my purchases? The cost! I got both books for $2.10! You really can't beat that. I couldn't believe I found those two, because other than that, there really wasn't much to excite me in the book section of the store.

I've got lots to read. Now I just have to find more time to pick up these books. In fact, I need to finish reading Jen Lancaster's Bright Lights Big Ass, because, well, its fan-freaking-tastic and it makes me laugh until I pee myself!

Yeah TMI! But its such a good book!


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