Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review: Married In The Morning

Married In The Morning is pretty much a comedy of errors and the errors are all made by the heroine and hero, Gina Martin and Gerrick Green, who end up eloping in Las Vegas during a wild weekend celebration of Gerrick's new job.

The elopement itself would make for a great story, but Susan gives it a bit more Oomph, by making sure their nuptials aren't discovered. When the couple returns, with Gina already having second thoughts, she learns her father has suffered a serious heart attack.

From that point on, Gina and Gerrick can't seem to get it together. They get close and then they get pushed apart. It almost seems like they shouldn't be together.

This story is so well-written and the characters are so likable that you want to shake each of them, for keeping each other from what would make them the happiest, being together.

I think of the two, Gina is the most frustrating, because she tries to win Gerrick back after pushing him away only to spoil their relationship again and again. You want to take her aside and ask her what she really wants.

Married in the Morning is a great light read, that will definitely brighten your day. Its got romance and humor and family all in equal measures. This is one of those books that remind me of why I read romance.


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