Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Review: His Little Black Book

His Little Black Book is another awesome installment of "Encounters" by Heather MacAllister. In this book, Heather has created three stories that revolve around one man who sends a mass text to all the women in his "little black book" on a weekend when a hurricane is blowing through.

The three women that lust after Jonathan all meet other matches on their way to the beach house where they hoped to hook up with him.

Each woman did an about face when they meet different men. For Sophie it's Adrian Dean, who has an exercise machine he needs a winning ad for. For Mia Weiss its Kevin Powell the hunky calender guy who runs a restaurant on the island. Lastly is Cammy who discovers love and hot sex with Gil her former partner.

I love the hook ups and the hang ups the women have, though I admit that at times I found it hard to believe such intelligent women would waste their time on such a player as Jonathan.

The guys that the women fell for what really made the story. I particularly loved Mia's guy, Kevin because he was the only guy not connected with the agency that the ladies worked for, plus he was damn close to perfect.

This book wasn't as great as her last "Encounters" book, "Undressed," but it still was a great collection of stories. After all, who would have thought a hurricane would make a great backdrop for a romance novel!


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