Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book Review: Magic At Sunset

Author: Leslie Hatcher
Title: Magic At Sunset
Publisher: Tiara Books
Publish Date: 1981
Rating: 3 stars
Book Blurb In beautiful romantic Spain for the first time, Tracy Laurence had been warned against the irresistible charm of Spanish men But the warning was forgotten when Tracy met handsome Ricard Varga. She soon learned that Ricardo was not what he seemed to be. But by then it was too late. Tracy knew she must follow her heart. No matter what dark secrets Ricardo's past concealed.

Review: This book is so old that there isn't even cover art floating about on the internet!

This book is probably worthy of 4 stars but as a 36 year old female, I can't abide the heroine occasionally feeling that her aunt was old when she was in her mid-forties, but I have to remind myself that this was written in the early 80s so maybe that's ok. MAYBE!

Tracy's aunt Marian offers her a job as her assistant for a few weeks while her regular is laid up with a broken leg. Tracy like any young girl in a dead end job, grabs at the chance. Its while she's doing leg work for her aunt that she meets Ricardo.

Ricardo is extremely arrogant and hates Americans, except Tracy and her aunt. Its obvious that his hatred stems from a woman but the author keeps his reason a deep dark secret until near the end of the book.

For awhile it was hard to tell this was a romance because nothing was really happening between Tracy and Ricardo and Ricardo even had a mistress/lover, Margarita who is more than a little possessive.

Things are also made complicated by an American man with ties to Ricardo who wants to expose him and reclaim some supposed family jewelry. To do so, he tries to enlist the help of Tracy. This is another part of the book I have a small problem with. She really doesn't show much trust for Ricardo until after she realizes she's screwed up. It almost feels like she wants both men after her.

It all works out though and all the secrets come to light any they both realize that they love each other. The story is a bit cliche but again this author describes Spain with such beauty that it really wipes away some of the flaws in the characters.


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