Sunday, June 27, 2010

If You Like

Do you love an author? Do you want to find other authors that have a similar writing style? Well, I'm here to help you!

Since Janet Evanovich's latest Stephanie Plum has come out this week, I'm going to spotlight her and another author who I think you might enjoy.


Just about everyone is familiar with Evanovich's Plum series and even the Metro Girl series. The mysteries are light, fluffy and fun to read on a warm summer day. Some may call them guilty pleasures, but I just call them entertaining.

Stephanie Bond writes the Body Killers in a similar fashion. Her books figure around Carlotta Wren. To see what this series is about, here's a blurb from Body Movers

So Carlotta Wren's life hasn't turned out as she'd planned. She didn't plan for her parents to skip bail for a white-collar crime, leaving her to raise her brother. She didn't plan on having the silver spoon ripped from her mouth and forgoing college to work retail. She didn't plan on her blue-blood fiancé dumping her. And she didn't plan on still being single ten years later, working at Neiman Marcus, with no idea where her fugitive parents are. But she's coping. Until:

* her lovable brother is arrested, and the hunky cop decides to reopen her parents' case.

* her brother becomes a body mover for the morgue, and his sexy boss gets Carlotta involved.

* her former fiancé's wife (a good customer) is murdered, fingering Carlotta.

With three men in her life, Carlotta has added motivation to help bag a murderer to keep her own well-dressed body from being next on the list

What makes Body Movers great is that it really doesn't come across as being Plum lite or just another Plum wannabe. These books are also a little more suspenseful and less slapstick.

Some of you might be wondering why Stephanie Bond's name sounds familiar. That's an easy one. She's done a lot of writing for Harlequin over the years. She wrote for Love & Laughter and now for the Harlequin Blaze line. She's definitely one to check out.


WolfeFamily said...

thanks! i love janet! i will look her up *stephanie bonds*

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