Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going Shopping

My friend Jen and I are heading out today, hopefully for a little shopping and when shopping is mentioned there is always a bookstore that we will be heading too. I could stand a few hours perusing (have I mentioned I love that word?) the shelves at Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books.

I hope to possibly find one or two of the books from my wishlist today or at least something new to amuse me. (As if I'm not surrounded by books now)

I'm also hoping to cure the Starbucks craving I've been having all week. Why is it that when there is a 'bucks no more then 3 miles away, in a shopping plaza I pass several times a week, I never stop there? Oh yeah, I never have extra money!

Today, however, I am treating myself. So hopefully when I come back I'll have some goodies. Oh and did I mention there's a sale at Bath And Body Works?

Books, coffee and sweet smelling stuff, that's what makes this girl happy. (Maybe a hunky man too)


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