Friday, June 18, 2010

Book Review: Love In Paris

Author: Murray Kalis
Title: Love In Paris
Publisher: Fawcett
Publish Date: Jan 1980
Rating: 2 Stars
Book Blurb: Love In Paris...The most romantic city of them all, the timeless city of lovers, the setting for an enchanted meeting. Lisa: a student at the Sorbonne, she left behind a haunted childhood to embrace all that the fabulous city of Paris had to offer; only to discover that it meant her own awakening.

Michael: a film actor with his first big break -- a major motion picture being filmed in Europe. He had come to Paris to work and to play -- he didn't know he was going to fall in love.

Love In Paris... surging, filled with wonder --the romance of young love struggling to survive.

Review: This is a unique romance in two ways; it's written by a man and it's told from the hero's point of view. Sadly the story was almost too annoying to finish.

The character's really lacked development. It was hard to figure out why Mike was willing to throw away a promising acting career for a girl he had only known a few days and one he didn't seem to share much in common with besides attraction.

His dialogue with Lisa never had much depth and we never really feel like we know her at all.

I'm used to heroes in books being strong or arrogant or a bit of both. Mike was neither, actually from the beginning as he cruised the Paris streets looking for a girl to hook up with, it became apparent that he was a big jerk and nothing he did from then on showed him as otherwise.

I would have really liked to have gotten to know Lisa or even his agent Eve better. As the story stands, it doesn't have enough depth to really keep any readers interest.

What I did find interesting, considering that this is a romance from the 80s, was the use of the f-word a few times. The word doesn't shock me, but seeing it in a book that didn't really go into any description of lovemaking seemed rather out of place.

This book was a mere 220 pages long but while reading it, it felt like it was much longer. I'm quite glad to have it out of my life.


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