Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book Review: Ribbon In The Sky

Author: Dorothy Garlock
Title: Ribbon In The Sky
Publish Date: December 1991
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: Sprightly, auburn-haired Letty Pringle had been forbidden by her hell-and-brimstone preacher pa to see Mike Dolan, but the young sweethearts had whispered their vow to someday be man and wife. Then a cruel betrayal tore them apart and left Letty on a windswept Midwestern farm to raise their son alone. Struggling to build a future over the years, she learned to harden her heart to desire . . . until big, dark-haired Mike marched into town, looking for his woman and his dream--and ready to fight the world to have her in his arms again.

Review: I really enjoyed this book. At the beginning it was hard to figure out when everything was taking place, as there wasn't much talk about current events, until Letty had been forced to find her grandparents, then we start to get snippets from Mike Dolan's point of view. It is then that we know that the book takes place shortly after WWI.

Letty's father was the kind of minister that gives religion a bad name. He bashes other religions and doesn't believe in forgiveness. So when his own child ends up as a teen pregnancy, in a time when that was even less kosher than it is now, he tosses her out and we later discover, he declares her dead and even has a memorial service!

Her sister is even worse and becomes even more distasteful as the book goes on. You really come to hate Letty's immediate family quickly and you are very thankful that she learns about unconditional love from her ailing Grandma and Grandfather. Her grandfather is a fantastic character that you can't help but love. He's very open minded for the time period and devoted to his family. He's also a little bit meddling, but that works in Letty's favor. Grandpa Jacob really gets Mike Dolan, who is the father of her son, back into her life for good.

Your heart breaks for Mike when he comes into town looking for the Fletcher farm to find Letty's grave. It continues to break when Letty will have nothing to do with him, because she can't believe her parents would declare her dead to their parish. He's a dream hero, a man who is totally devoted to his childhood sweetheart.

Patrick is her little boy and he's ornery, maybe a touch spoiled but oh so sweet. He's like a mini man of the house. When he gave Oscar Phillips a head butt to the groin, I doubled over in laughter.

Letty proves to be more than just a mother, she takes on a teaching position at local school and then takes in a child whose father is in jail. While she has Helen in her care it becomes apparent that the child had been abused by her father, and Letty will fight to keep her in their home.

Dorothy Garlock really created some wonderful characters in this book. She made some good guys, some bad, and some bad guys turned good. There's a lot of tension in this story especially with Sister Cora, who I can't stress enough is a detestable character and Helen's father Cecil.

This was a really good story, definitely a must read for fans of westerns and historicals.


Nora said...

Sounds like another great book!
Great review :)

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