Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Don't Understand The Appeal

There is a series besides Twilight that baffles me. Actually its multiple series, V.C. Andrews and her many books with similar plots and loads of incest and other nasty things.

What is it about these books that draw readers, and still do, long after the author's passing? (Even though the estate is still somehow publishing books under her name)

I remember being in junior high, back in the late 80s and devouring the books. I read the Flowers In The Attic Series and the Heaven Series and My Sweet Audrina. After that I gave up. Everything was too similar even though the plots were different.

I loved the gothic nature the stories had, but I hated that you could never really tell the time the novels took place and often where the story took place. The funny thing is, when I talk to kids that are the same age as I was, I find they are reading them too, and I wonder what the appeal is? Sure the books are well written, but they aren't that great. And then there was the movie? Did any of you see that? It was awful!

So to those of you who have read these series, I ask, what do you think the appeal is? Did you love the books or hate them?


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