Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Reading Recap

I'm thinking I did just as well in June as I did in May. I'm going to list my reads from the most recent on back. I think I'm somewhere in the low 90s for book totals this year. I'm at 89 on the eharlequin site, but I didn't include a few of the young adult books I read because they don't meet their word count requirement.

1. Hope Tarr - The Tutor
2. Jennifer LeBrecque - Better Than Chocolate
3. Karen Robards - Loving Julia
4. Janet Evanovich - Finger Lickin' Fifteen
5. Jason F. Wright - The Wednesday Letters
6. Dorothy Garlock - Ribbon In The Sky
7. Rena McKay - Desert Devil
8. Murray Kalis - Love In Paris
9. Carla Cassidy - Swamp Secrets
10. Violet Winspear - The Unwilling Bride
11. Leslie Hatcher - Magic At Sunset
12. Catherine Coulter - The Generous Earl
13. Laurie Grant - My Lady Midnight
14. R.L. Stine - The Third Horror
15. Marion Chesney - Rake's Progress
16. Linda Goodnight - Winning The Single Mom's Heart
17. Dorothy Fletcher - Always My Love
18. Sondra Stanford - And Then Came The Dawn

I also read Mary Aris' novella Princess Rose.

Now I just need to update a few of my challenge posts. In July I plan on completing most of the classics challenge. I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to read the full version of Les Miserables. I've finished the abridged version, but I really want to read every word. That's not for this summer though.

How many books did you read this month? Do you keep track?


Rebecca said...

i think i was at 11. I keep a journal where i write down everything i read. So, i will pull it out today and blog about it!

are you doing a harlequin challange? that sounds fun

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Rebecca: Harlequin does a 100 book challenge each year. You can find out about it in the eharlequin community pages. I'm doing good this year. I've read around 90 books. I have a few YA that I didn't review for their challenge because they have a word limit for their books

Aleksandra said...

You did great! I don't know how much I read in June, but I know that I read a lot of books, maybe the most in a month so far!

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