Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Book Buying Extravaganza

Today was book day. Saturday's always seem to be that way for me. I received 2 shipments from Harlequin in the mail and I went a little crazy at Target and Goodwill. Needless to say, my "To Be Read" pile has just gotten a little bit larger. Not that it matters. I love buying books. I love standing in the book section of stores and just reading the back blurbs.

I love doing that more in used book stores. That's usually when you can find me sitting on the floor going through book after book deciding which blurbs make the book worthy of coming home with me.

So what did I buy today? Besides the eharlequin stuff which is just too numerous to mention?

Jen Lancaster's Bitter Is The New Black
Nancy Warren's Too Hot To Handle
Michelle Reid's The Ultimate Betrayal
Luanne Rice's Beach Girls
Adriana Trigiani's Lucia Lucia
Sarah Strohmeyer's The Cinderella Pack
Gillian Shield's Immortal

Lots of reading to be done! The question now is, which one to start?


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